Capco Digital Lab Insurance App Promo

The aim of this project was to showcase Capco Digital Labs process of identifying and creating prototype solution for a problem in insurance space. It was very interesting project, aiming to help insurance company client’s manage and update their policies on the go.

After client interviews, research and conceptualisation, UI designer created app prototype you can see on the screen. Then I came in onboard, where I had to bring screens to life and tell the story of how the team got there.

From initial idea to stylised final frame

From storytelling perspective, we decided to showcase entire Design Thinking process as it was. This included using video extracts from conducted interviews, actual key quotes  and key pain points.

I was responsible for putting together storyboard based on the script created by Project Manager. Additionally, all the visuals and motion concepts were my responsibility, voiceover editing and capture of UI screens and user journeys and creating the final video you can see below.

Final Video

Project Stills

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